Safety planning isn’t easy. You certainly can’t control your partner’s behavior, but you can do your best to keep yourself and your children safe — and a safety plan will help.
Everyone’s situation is different and complex, so use the suggestions below that will work for you.

And remember, we’re always ready to help.
Just call our hotline 1-800-439-2323.

My safety plan

I’ll …

  • Go to ________________________________________ if I decide to leave.
  • Keep a bag ready and put it ________________________________________ so I can leave quickly.
  • Put these things in it ___________________________________________________________________________________
  • Teach my children to call 9-1-1.
  • Use the code word ________________________________________ to alert my children, friends, or family to call for help.
  • Leave money, important documents, and an extra set of keys with ________________________________________.
  • Open a savings account and PO box in my own name by this date _________________________________________.
  • Use a prepaid cell phone, a friend’s phone, call collect, or use a prepaid phone card and someone else’s phone ( relative, work or school), so my batterer can’t trace my calls from the cell phone bill.
  • Leave extra clothes with ___________________________, my emergency safety home.
  • Use this route to get out of my house or apartment and to my safety house_______________________________
  • Ask ________________________________________ to help screen my phone calls at work.
  • Go to _________________________________if I’m driving home from work and problems arise.
  • Call the following people and/ or places for support…
    • _________________________________________________________________
    • _________________________________________________________________
    • _________________________________________________________________