Safety planning isn’t easy. You certainly can’t control your partner’s behavior, but you can do your best to keep yourself and your children safe. A safety plan will help.

Everyone’s situation is different and complex. Use the suggestions below that will work for you. Remember, we’re always ready to help. Just call our helpline at 1-800-439-2323.

My Safety Plan

I’ll …

  • Go to ________________________________________ if I decide to leave.
  • Keep a bag ready and put it _________________ so I can leave quickly.
  • Put these things in it ________________________________________________.
  • Teach my children to call 911.
  • Use the code word _______ to alert my friends or family to call for help.
  • Leave money, important documents, and an extra set of keys with _________________________.
  • Open a bank account and PO Box in my own name by this date _________________________.
  • Use a prepaid cell phone, collect call, phone card, or someone else’s phone (friend, relative, work, or school), so my abuser can’t trace my calls from the phone bill.
  • Leave extra clothes with _____________, my emergency safety home.
  • Use this route to get out of my home and to my safety home ________.
  • Ask ____________________ to screen my phone calls at work.
  • Go to ______________ if I’m driving home from work and problems arise.
  • Call the following people or places for support:
    • _________________________________________________________________
    • _________________________________________________________________
    • _________________________________________________________________