You can make a big difference in someone’s life & family in several ways:

  • Schedule a training session or interactive workshop for your professional colleagues, school, or community group to help others understand the difference between abuse and healthy relationships and learn about other related topics. Help us end violence and abuse through education and awareness.
  • Volunteer – We depend on qualified people to help us do good work.
  • Donate – Your gifts mean and do so much. They help make possible everything from our helpline and advocacy work to our shelter and transitional housing to community awareness activities. Thank you!
  • Create, attend, or help with events that raise awareness about domestic abuse, raise funds for the Hope & Justice Project, or both!

Awareness Events

At Hope & Justice Project, we see our mission as two-fold. Not only are we dedicated to providing services to anyone affected by abuse and violence. We devote much of our time to trying to prevent abuse from happening. By changing social attitudes that foster abuse in our culture, we can someday live in a world free of abuse and violence.

We host and sponsor several awareness events throughout the year. We organize a joint fundraiser with Homeless Services of Aroostook, Safe Homes Aroostook in May. In February, we work with schools and youth groups to organize events and presentations for Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month.

In October, we host events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. However, we can schedule more events throughout the year. For information, please contact us at 207-764-2977.


We depend on the hard work of a committed group of volunteers, including helpline workers, special project volunteers, and our board of directors. We always hope for more. If you want to help people affected by abuse and violence, we hope you consider becoming a volunteer.

We Need…

  • Helpline Volunteers – We offer comprehensive training for volunteers who staff our 24-hour helpline. The training is long at 40+ hours over 6 weeks. Still, you walk away with the information and practical experience needed to answer helpline calls confidently, offer support, and listen to callers, whether in crisis or just seeking information. An experienced staff advocate is always available by phone to provide support and information, should you need it, as you work with those affected by abuse. Volunteers can also choose to meet in person with people in need of our help along with an experienced staff member during business hours at the Hope & Justice office that’s most convenient to them. Become a safe voice for someone in need.
  • Special Projects Volunteers – Help when we need extra hands at an event, hang up posters, distribute outreach materials, clean offices, do gardening, or yard work at one of our buildings. You never know what can come up!
  • Board Members – Join our board of directors. Our volunteer board members support strategic planning, raise funds, oversee the financial and programming management team, and keep the organization connected to the community through their personal and professional associations. Interested in joining our board? Let us know by phone at 207-764-2977 or by email. We’ll forward your contact information to the board president. Your name will be on the list for consideration when we next recruit new members. Survivors of abuse and violence encouraged to join.

We Need You…

Thinking about becoming a Hope & Justice Project volunteer? We appreciate any time you can give us! Please fill out our volunteer application. Let us know how you can help. Call 207-764-2977 or email [email protected] for more information.

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